Enhance your experience

Tons of Options

Cherax has all you need and new options are constantly added based on the suggestions made by the community. Such options include spawning real cars, editing vehicle handling, changing the weather, teleporting all players and much more.


Cherax has a unique and outstanding recovery. Besides the tradional Unlock All, Cherax's new 'Free Shopping' feature allows you to get almost everything for free. No more risk of getting banned due to giving yourself money.


Cherax covers your back, so you don't need to worry about your progress or getting kicked and crashed out of the game by other cheaters.

Anti Spam

Tired of getting spam messages? Cherax automatically detects them and gives you control whether you want them to be automatically blocked or kicked.

Scripts & Resources

We offer a dedicated service for hosting scripts and resources created by the community, exclusively for the community. Before any resource or script becomes publicly available, it undergoes thorough review and approval by our staff to ensure functionality and to mitigate any potential security risks.

Dual Interface

Our user interface (UI) is fully customizable and savable, offering flexibility to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer a click-based or list-based interface, Cherax has you covered.

Why Cherax

Easy To Use

Using our software is extremely easy, you can download it just like any other app.

Fast update

Cherax is usually one of the first cheats to update after a game update.


The menu status is always updated and we will never hide any global detections.


Security is one of our highest priorities, we develop our own anti cheat bypasses to be future proof.

Experience & Reliability

Since Cherax's initial free version launch in 2019, our mod menu has remained the most enduring and consistently maintained option available in the market.

24/7 Support

Cherax provides a 24/7 support. If you have any question or problem, feel free to contact us.




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